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Great knives, have had mine for 3 years and bought another set today as a gift for my daughter. Not sure about the review that talks about rust issues. As long as you dry your knives you shouldn't have an issue. Very sharp still and look great!

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They rust faster than any knives I have ever had. They are a big pain and who want rusty knives? The fillet knife is nice the rest seem just okay. I hope Sam's will take them back because I just purchased them and hate them. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . They rust faster than any knives I have ever had. They are a big pain and who want rusty knives? The fillet... Read more

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Hello there... i have a egg mixture or chocolate mixer that you press & mixes that i got a year ago with a set of knifes at Sam's Club that its not working... any place where i can replace it cause its lifetime warranty.?

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Hessler Worldwide - Rust is guaranteed with these
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I bought a set of these knives after watching a demonstration of them in B.j's the thing that sold me was that he was able to cut a tomato without crushing it. I have never been able to cut a tomato with ease even on the first day of buying. These knives dull faster then any other knife set I've tried. These knives are quake teed not to rust... Bull I'm constantly getting a rust remover to get rust spots off.. These were actually rust cleaned... Read more

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I got my Hessler Worldwide knife set over 4 year ago from a Sam's Club after watching the show. I love how well they work. I use them nearly every night to prepare dinner for my family. About a month ago I noticed that my chef knife was getting a little dull. Yesterday while shopping at my Sam's club I saw that someone was doing the sales show, so after he was done I told him about the chef knife and he said just bring it in to the store and he... Read more

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All i know is when i pass out demo tickets for a free paring knife about one out of ten have purchased the set and love them the customers are our best salesmen on two occasions two customers brought in a broken knife there fault and they were quickly returned i have a set and no rust anywhere so im not relying on company advertising the customers give the best testament to the knife sets true quality Read more

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Best set of knives I have ever owned. No regrets here

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I am a semi-professional chef. I love knives, and I am willing to give any knife/brand a chance. That being wife bought a Hessler (7pc, plus 3 extra paring knives) set, after seeing a demo at Sams. Out of box...they were all sharp. I was first. No knife I have ever owned, has ever been through the dishwasher. Within two weeks of owning, every knife used, and handwashed started to rust. With moderate use...all knives... Read more

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I purchased a full set of Sharp Select Knives at Sam's Club during a Demonstration. My knives are all dull and have rusted. I feel this is a mis-representation of the product. I would like to exchange them or get a refund......they are not as they were shown in the store. I have kept the knives in a Knife Block and taken excellent care of them......If this purchase is an indication that the demonstrations are Sam's Club are not actually... Read more

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