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While I was browsing through Sam's Club last week I was approached by a guy who insisted on giving me a blue ticket and wanted me to come watch his demo and get a free knife. He was demonstrating a knife set from Hessler Worldwide. I was surprised at how well the knives performed, especially for the price. The demo set looked like really good stainless steel, they cut beautifully, and came with a lifetime warranty. I bought three sets, one for... Read more

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Love the set of knives! Never have to buy anymore until I die Add comment

It's worthless. Don't believe with representatives. It's fake. This company is cheating to public. Return and exchange process too difficult. I suggest to all renounce store don't give permission to sell these items in your store because your good will goes down. Add comment

I bought my set a few years back. I happily paid $40.00 for it at Kmart after watching a salesman making a demo. Later, I 've always believed that the set used in the demo was different quality-wise than the ones they were selling after it ended. Mine are still sharp but they've got some rusty spots. I've though that's not supposed to happen EVER to something made of surgical steel. Also, the tip of one broke without much effort put into it.... Read more

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We bought the 10 piece set (Chef Series Deluxe) at Sams Club in late 2014. We brought them to our Florida home where many things rust with this climate. We have not had any problems with rust or the knives becoming dull. So far so good. We do hand wash them even though it state they are dishwasher safe. It also states to not leave unwashed or in a dishwasher for any extended time. Are there different knives made by this company? Perhaps we... Read more

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I bought the knives at Sams Club, Dallas TX. I used the long thin knife one time at Thanksgiving, I put it in my stainless steel sink along with my silver to wash and put away (it was in the water for about 6 minutes). When I reached for the handle of the knife to pull it out of the soapy water, the knife blade was missing. It snapped off just above the handle. The remaining knives dulled after 4-6 weeks off use. Do not waste your money on... Read more

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My wife bought the 6 piece SS Knife set from SAMs and to be honest I would not recommend this set to anyone. The first couple times we used them they worked fine but dulled extremely fast. And re sharpening them is not at all easy. I have a nice knife sharpener and it takes forever to get them razor sharp. They are an attractive set but that's about it. And if you use a dishwasher, we'll be ready to deal with the stainless getting rust marks on... Read more

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i dont fall for snake oil scams, but my mother and brother did. i was able to talk my brother into putting his set down before he bought them. my mother made it home with hers. i used this site and the fact that ebay and amazon sell these for half the price as the snake oil salesman at sams. if you want a cheap useless knife just buy fiberware at walmart and save your money. if you want a quality knife buy ONE victorinox chef knife for $50. $50... Read more

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Tony is a Joke, amd joe will never return your call . Theses folk will stiff you off your commission. They have trainer who couldnt train a rat how to eat chesse. The knives are not what they advertise. You work all day in the store for under minium wage. These folks are crooks at the finest. Tony never answer his phone and they use the excuse people with the answer is on the road.. what ever you dio stay away from these scam artist. dont... Read more

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My knives rust every time they are washed. Poor quality. Very dissatisfied. Add comment

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